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There will be a reception tonight for David Kesting’s solo exhibition “Utopia Parkway” at Glowlab. His illustrations, at first, appear to be simple, playful drawings. However, Kesting has an ability to make his characters resonate and give the impression of the common adult life in the city. So, if you’re an adult and you live in the city I suggest you take a look tonight. Illustrations will also be printed on vintage clothing to create a clothing line. Here’s what Glowlab says of Kesting:

“Tiny illustrations of urban farmers, city shoppers and dog walkers mingle with large-format paintings of drunken angels and businessmen on tricycles in Kesting’s trademark style.

Accompanying these artworks will be the release of Utopia Parkway, a 66-page illustrated book of drawings from the artist’s collection. The book’s first edition will be limited to 40 copies, each signed and numbered by the artist. Utopia Parkway – which features sections including “Family Life,” “Burning Things,” “At Work,” and “Out Drinking” – depicts Kesting’s hopeful characters in their everyday settings. Kesting’s illustrations feel playful, like those in a children’s book, but ultimately resonate with the tensions of human relationships and alienation felt deeply by adults. On one page, the reader witnesses a naked everyman cooking on a stove, and captioned beneath him the character mutters “The best part about Sunday brunch at home is getting to play naked chef,” conveying the wonder of simple pleasures in a hectic life.” [Glowlab]

His drawings really are great…and well anticipated. You can buy a book of his drawings and get it signed tonight!