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David Smith in his day, was called the “Best Sculptor in America”. Although I never met him personally, he had a great influence on me as well as other younger artists in the 60′s and 70′s.

“Does the onlooker realize the amount of affection which goes into a work of art – the intense affection – balligerent vitality and total conviction”? David Smith c. 1962

You may wonder why I’m talking about older artists, and not the current trend “young emerging artists”… well they were once “emerging artists” in their day and challenged the norm so to speak. They were rooted in European art and sprouted the American Modern Art movement.

In Fine Art Handling, New York City, I’ve had the opportunity to handle works by well known and not so well known sculptors, among them David Smith’s works. Works of his that I installed were much lighter… they were drawings! Much heavier works by sculptors of Davids influences have tested Art Handlers skill, invention, experience and patience. Especially up and down steel stairs to freight elevators located in basements. Who designed those lovely basement freight entries? There is also a building in the city where you can drive your truck into the basement and onto a turntable. The turntable sets you to a loading dock. It’s the ultimate Art Handlers dream!

On page 131 in the book” The Fields of David Smith” by Candida N. Smith, Irving Sandler and Jerry L. Thompson there are 4 photos of his “Cubi” series: Cubi I, Cubi XXIV, Cubi X and Cubi II. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing them more than once. Constructed of welded Stainless steel they teeter and balance… dancing precariously with precision. I wish you could see them through my eyes, observe the many angles in a work, the subtle connections that slip into place, historic references, etc. David Smith and his prodigious work ethic allowed him discoveries every day.

They are stately, silent and timeless..totally…David Smith.

NOTE: Currently there is a show of David Smith works at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea through Saturday, April 10th