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This is a photo of the artist and his work

Mana Fine Arts had the distinct pleasure of installing an Antony Gormley sculpture recently in a Manhattan residence. I’ve been wanting to write about Gormley’s work after rediscovering him again in “The Sculpture Show”, a catalogue that I picked up at Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby Street in Manhattan. Published in 1983 by The Arts Council of Great Britain, it gave me some insight into his work that, quite frankly, I hadn’t paid much attention to. Currently there is an installation of his work in New York City called ” Event Horizon ” Antony Gormley. Carol Vogel, an art critic for the New York Times, and others have excellent writings about these humble and provocative works. A location map sites the various locations from Madison Square Park to the Empire State Building. Perched on ledges of buildings they appear about to leap suggesting the frailty of human beings in an ever industrialized world. Our perceptions are challenged as we remember those who leaped from the Trade Towers. I am especially reminded of that as I viewed this horrific catastrophe from my rooftop, looking through binoculars, seeing very small images passing vertically. I couldn’t bear it. Gormley’s figures presents us with a moment of precarious anxiety. We are caught in this frightening experience and after realizing that they are static standing figures, the reverse sensation of wanting to look more intently takes place… curiosity grabs us and our vision altered,… questioning that which we thought was real.

Do yourself a favor the next time your in Madison Square Park, take a look…through August 15, 2010.

GT ’10

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