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Carole Feuerman in her studio with the Diver. Photos by Tema Stauffer.

Mana Contemporary artist-in-residence Carole Feuerman is known internationally for her classically beautiful hyper-realist sculptures of swimmers and bathers.  She is currently in the process of creating a new figure in her studio in two different sizes – one life-sized and the other much larger, measuring 13 feet.  Monumental Diver is based in part on her cousin, Richard Nuzzolese, a model living and working in Los Angeles. Feuerman made live-casts of his hands, feet and face, a process that was captured on video by Alvaro Corzo.  However, since Feuerman envisioned a diver standing on his hands with his back in a perfect “C” — a pose impossible for most anyone to hold — she skillfully sculpted the torso of the figure by hand.

At this stage, Feuerman has nearly completed the life-sized plaster maquette of the diver and the larger version in foam. The oversized version was produced from a digital scan using new technology which has transformed reproductions for artists. Using traditional tools, Feuerman refines details lost in the transition from plaster to foam. She also commissioned Williamsburg-based clothing designer Carrie Morrissey to create a bathing suit for the larger foam piece.

Photo by Alvaro Corzo

Within the next three weeks, Feuerman expects to finish a silicon mold of the large diver which will be sent to a foundry in China.   Feuerman will travel to China herself to oversee the making of at least two bronze sculptures from this mold.  The identical divers have exciting futures on their horizons.  One will travel to London in time for an installation in conjunction with the 2o12 Summer Olympics.  Another will stay in New York to be included in a solo exhibition next fall at Jim Kempner Fine Art. Feuerman also recently received an invitation from the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to contribute work to a group exhibition, Body Double: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture,  opening on September 19, 2012. Bringing together an international body of work across the contemporary scene, the exhibit will address the ever-evolving definition of sculpture today.

For more photos, click here.

– Tema Stauffer