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Louis Meisel speaks to a crowded room on the history of Photorealism.

Last month, Mana Contemporary was delighted to host a panel discussion on the history of Photorealism, attracting a standing-room only crowd to the ESKFF gallery on the 6th Floor. The panelists included author and gallerist Louis K. Meisel, Hyperrealist sculptor Carole Feuerman, and Photorealist painters Yigal Ozeri and Ben Schonzeit.  The discussion was moderated by Eileen S. Kaminsky in conjunction with the current Photorealism exhibition, “Our Own Directions: Works from the Louis K. and Susan P. Meisel Collection.”

Interested in hearing highlights from the conversation? Click here for a four-minute preview, or for a more in-depth version, see the 15-minute video here. Special thanks to video director Anthony Ponzio and video editor Adam Cohen.

Please note, Mana Contemporary has plans to improve our sound quality before our next event. Thanks for watching!