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Shots in the Dark (installation view)

Lisi Raskin: Shots in the Dark
Churner & Churner
By D. Dominick Lombardi

For all of her obsession with the tenuous balance of military powers over the last 60 or 70 years, Lisi Raskin leaves us with artful objects that disarm from the very start. Her constant and premeditated exposure to the overabundance of twentieth-century bunkers, bases, outpost and ominous machines results in one of the strangest mixes of Modernism and the obviously hand-crafted I’ve ever come across. By changing, digesting and devolving symbols of aggression, Raskin creates oddly playful objects with aesthetics that are both challenging and expanding. Taking the essence of some aspects of aggression, and borrowing bits and pieces from models, toys and other pre-existing materials, Raskin mixes her media with an innate understanding of color theory and texture, managing the dynamics of the unique. You have the remainder of March to see Shots in the Dark. Don’t miss it!