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libidine, gold sabertooth lion skull by Michael Johnson.

ArtNowNY, a new Chelsea gallery showcasing urban contemporary art, opens its doors from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight with its inaugural exhibition, Art Now: A Survey of Urban Contemporary Art.

Located on the 2nd floor of 548 West 28th Street in New York City, ArtNowNY is founded by Joseph Gross, an art broker and curator, and is an outpost of its sister gallery in San Francisco. The inaugural exhibit will highlight 20 artists whose work fits within the realm of “urban” and “contemporary,” known for its graphic nature, representation of underground themes, innovative style and aggregate cultural influence.

Jamel Shabazz, a celebrated photographer who has captured street life and urban culture for 30 years, is among the roster of artists, along with Michael Johnson, an emerging artist who will be presenting a holophoneous skull fabricated out of 3 pounds of gold, 16 carats of yellow diamonds, 10.5 carats of cognac diamonds, and 31 carats of rubies in a piece that is a commentary on the mining trade.