Spring Open House

May 3, 2015
1PM – 6PM


Spring 2015 Open House


Mana Contemporary presented a dynamic Spring/Summer 2015 program of painting, installation, sculpture, video art, performance, and more. Choice Works gathered some of today’s most important contemporary artists for an exclusive preview of an auction to benefit Planned Parenthood; curator Octavio Zaya selected nearly thirty artists from 15 different countries across a range of disciplines for THEOREM. You Simply Destroy the Image I Always Had of Myself in Mana’s 50,000-square-foot Glass Gallery. Dirty Geometry featured twenty-three Latin American artists who explore a kind of creolization of orthodox geometric style; Photorealist painter Yigal Ozeri presented a commissioned series of paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by Monet’s gardens for Revolution at Giverny: A Return of Women in Nature; photographer David Levinthal used large-format Polaroid photography to stage female dolls as objects of fantasy in XXX: Noir et Blanc. Ofri Cnaani and Nelly Agassi presented Crippled Symmetry, a dual exhibition of pulsating black-and-white video art and mechanical sounds; creative collective Witches of Bushwick unveiled interdisciplinary works by seven female artists-in-residence for Kick in the Door. Galerie Ernst Hilger presented recent works by Austrian artist Gunter Damisch in Worlds, Signs of Ease & Density highlighting the artist’s graphic constructions of micro- and macrocosms; The Florence Academy of Art at Mana celebrated its Official Grand Opening with an alumni exhibition. In addition, continuing exhibitions included German artist Ewerdt Hilgemann’s outdoor show, Panta Rhei, and a selection of remarkable paintings from the Pellizzi Family Collection.