Soho House at Mana Contemporary

May 31, 2015
3PM – 6PM


Soho House at Mana Contemporary


Soho House members were invited to visit Mana Contemporary on May 31, 2015, to explore the exhibition Theorem: You Simply Destroy the Image I Always Had of Myself, curated by Octavio Zaya, and to participate in a wine tasting guided by Marla Priest, director of Mana Wine.

The afternoon started with a walk-through of the exhibition, Theorem. Guests mingled while sipping prosecco, viewing the Octavio Zaya-curated exhibition of over 30 international artists.  Monika Bravo and Aleksandar Duravcevic, both artists with works exhibited in the show, joined the group for informal discussions about their artwork. Bravo and Duravcevic had recently returned from representing their countries of Colombia and Montenegro, respectively, at the Venice Biennale. The artists discussed their works on show at Mana and at the Biennale and engaged in lively conversation with visitors.

Following the artist talks, Mana Wine presented a curated wine tasting that highlighted the minimal human interventionist wineries of Bressan, Bea, and C.O.S.