Oliver Dorfer & Cameron Platter: Far Relations


October 18, 2015 February 20, 2016

Galerie Ernst Hilger presents two artists from opposite ends of the globe, whose work addresses deep-seated political and historical themes with pop culture imagery.

Oliver Dorfer (b. 1963, Linz, Austria) works with pop iconography and street art, interlacing it with the art history canon, effacing their defining characteristics and creating a new, specific language. A graduate of sociology studies, he often uses a reverse-painting technique on acrylic glass, combining Photoshop and painting, and mixing the figurative and abstract. He has been exhibited around the world.

Cameron Platter (b. 1978, Johannesburg, South Africa) is an internationally exhibited artist who focuses primarily on his country’s dissonant realities. He undermines and exposes the ingrained, destructive social systems by examining disposable consumer culture, language, and visuals to confrontational effect, often with biting dark humor. He works in painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, graphics, animation, textiles, and ceramics.  

Oliver Dorfer, Mana 3, 2015
Camreon Platter, Please Don't Kill Us, 2013