Ziv Yonatan and Lily Rattok: Tick Talk


Mana’s vast, early 20th-century boiler room is transformed into an exhibition space for an avant-garde, Kafkaesque sound installation, featuring a haunting score by Ziv Yonatan and bold visual pieces by Lily Rattok.

Tick Talk explores various modes of transforming an industrial area into an art site. The artists preserve and uncover Mana’s century-old boiler room as if it were an archeological site.

Visitors walk down a staircase into the gloomy, 4,000-square-foot subterranean space, a remnant of the building’s original use as a Lorillard tobacco factory that once employed 5,000 workers. Only one active boiler remains, while the others loom dormant in soot-covered silence. Yonatan and Rattok have interpreted the space as a giant graveyard of obsolete technology, a memorial for the anonymous people who faithfully served it, and a burial site for fantasies about conquering nature and gaining immense power.

In contrast to the darkness and alienation, Rattok’s surreal, colorful videos reveal a different reality while describing a mysterious quest. Yonatan created a soundtrack based on the natural sounds and movement of air around the space, seeking to present questions that have no answers.

The artists state that this presentation expresses their interest in power-relations, ecology, and the role of art in an increasingly death-driven society.

Installation view from Tick Talk