Focus Kazakhstan–Thinking Collections:
Telling Tales


Four men, members of the Kyzyl Tractor Art Collective, rolled a large drum made of wool, wood, ropes, metal, sheepskin and plastic onto the front lawn of Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. Turned on its side like a wheel, the Purification Drum (2003/2018) easily towered over them as they steered it through the crowd of onlookers. Using a whip-like stick, one man beat the taut surface as he pushed and rotated the drum onto the pavement. Another trailed behind him, dragging what appeared to be a stack of rectangular rugs. Water rained over the concrete as a man carrying a bucket tossed its contents into the air. As the troupe pivoted around the corner, smoke and ash filled the air. People continued to follow the ceremonial procession as it entered the building, concluding inside the galleries.

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November 30, 2018

Courtesy of the artists and Asia Contemporary Art Week, New York