BSMT Nights:
Year-End/New-Year Party!

December 17, 2016
5PM – 11PM

Free admission with RSVP



BSMT Nights: Year-End/New-Year Party!


Join Mana BSMT artists and friends to celebrate the end of the BSMT’s first year—and the start of a new year! The evening will feature a short film screening by BSMT Resident Yuliya Tsukerman, an audiovisual performance by Mark Niskanen and Jani-Matti Salo, and a pop-up show by Apostrophe NYC’s Base 12. A dance party will follow with DJ sets by current and past residents James Rubio, The Love Child, Azikiwe Mohammed, and Cody Ranaldo. Plus, BSMT Resident Morell Cutler will design a special festive photo background you can use for your holiday snaps! Food and drinks will be served.

5PM Doors Open

5:30PM – 6PM Yuliya Tsukerman presents Violent Mercies
A baby is born in the desert, a mother assembled from the detritus of everyday life, a family healed by the waters of a toxic lake. Violent Mercies is a trilogy of short films that weaves a new American mythology through marionettes and handmade landscapes, exploring the intimacy and isolation of a fractured mother-daughter relationship.

6PM – 7PM Tête-à-tête: Introduction (Installation)
A prelude to the Tête-à-tête live performance, consisting of two live video feeds that will react to the sound of the BSMT space and guests in real time.

7PM – 7:45PM  Tête-à-tête: A Performance by Mark Niskanen and Jani-Matti Salo
Tête-à-tête (‘involving or happening between two people’ or, literally, ‘head-to-head’) is an improvisatory, multi-modal performance by Mark Niskanen (Rhodes piano, live sampling, effects processing) and Jani-Matti Salo (light, videos). A dialogue about connection and otherness, involvement and exclusion, is at the heart of this site-specific piece, which derives many of its components directly from each space where it is performed.

8PM – 11PM DJ sets by James Rubio, The Love Child, Azikiwe Mohammed, and Cody Ranaldo


Image: Installation view Tête-à-tête