Alex Gingrow and Michael Scoggins: 
I Love You, But You Make Me Completely Crazy


I Love You, But You Make Me Completely Crazy explores the depths and idiosyncrasies of human connection and isolation. This exhibition exposes two sides of a marriage to examine how the personal, domestic life, with all its wavering heights of bliss and depths of despair, intersects with the studio life in its own unpredictable roller coaster. Gingrow and Scoggins have been partnered since 2005 and in that time have always maintained very separate practices. This exhibition brings together two bodies of work that, though created in the private space of each partner’s respective heart, head, and studio, demonstrate the paths we all walk seemingly alone, but never without the influence of the lives around us, for better or for worse.

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(1) Alex Gingrow, This Disposable Day Desk Calendar (January), 2013 - 2014
(2) Michael Scoggins, The Fantasy, The Reality, 2014
(3) Alex Gingrow, 01.07.13 (detail), 2013