Eugene Lemay

Eugene Lemay is best known for his series Strata, Letters, and Navigator of large inkjet prints of rich landscapes which expose the root of written language as a metaphor for the human need to communicate. Appearing out of linguistic order, the words are expropriated from their original context and become artistic notes, signs, shapes, and finally abstract images. Lemay, a Michigan native and ninth of 15 children from a French Canadian father and Lebanese Syrian mother, spent his teenage years at the Sarid Kibbutz in Israel and served in the Israeli army. In Lemay’s early works, he abstracts a series of letters to bereaved parents of fallen soldiers with whom he served. The letters were written — but never sent. Lemay is founder and director of Mana Contemporary, and has built several other businesses in the past 20 years. Lemay was named to Art & Auction magazine’s Power 100 list. He has exhibited in solo shows at Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea, Total Arts Gallery in Dubai and Galeria De Art in Buenos Aires as well as a group show at Art Affairs Gallery in Amsterdam and others.