Conversations Rough Cut


December 2, 2012 – February 15, 2013

For over ten years, David Wakstein has documented his friends, colleagues, and students as they reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings about art, politics, Arab-Jewish relations, and the ubiquity of Middle Eastern culture.


The artists are captured against a simple backdrop with little to no objects or artworks to distract the viewer from their poignant words. Unless he is interviewed himself Wakstein is not seen on screen. Yet, his voice is often heard ‘behind the scenes’ asking questions and probing deeper into his subjects’ psyches.

The show offers a purview of talent ranging in age, religion, and cultural backgrounds. These include Anisa Ashkar, Yaacov Dorchin, Yair Garbuz, Farid Abu Shakra, and Chen Shish, to highlight a few. Taken together, their words create a resounding statement about the nature of life in one of the world’s most complicated regions.


Press Release

Kendall Tichner