Cynthia-Reeves Projects:
Conference Of The Birds


May 6 – July 15, 2012

Curated by Cynthia-Reeves Projects, this innovative exhibition focuses on
the aesthetic, ecological and essential presence of birds.


Featuring artworks by thirty international artists, Conference of the Birds explores our collective fascination with birdlife and their habitats of water, earth and sky. With conceptual installations, photography, paintings, works on paper and video art, this timely project serves to call attention to environmental awareness and our collective responsibilities to our planet. 


Sarah Amos, Subhankar Banerjee, Julia Barello, Ed Batcheller, Elizabeth Billings, David Burdeny, Teresa Diehl, Janet Echelman, Mary Frey, Beth Ganz, Penelope Gottleib, John Grade, Maria Fernanda Cardoso & Ross Rudesch Harley, Ann Hollingsworth, Carsten Holler, Ran Hwang, Nathalie Jeremijenko, Cindy Kane, Milan Klic, Sasha Meret, Danielle Julian Norton, Robert & Shana Parke-Harrison, Sibylle Pasche, Jane Rosen, Shuli Sade, Steven Siegel, Hunt Slonem, Leslie Thornton, Randy West, and Claire Watkins.


Kendall Tichner