Voices From The Interior: 
Palestinian Women Artists


May 4 – December 28, 2013

The first U.S. exhibition dedicated to video art by Palestinian women living and working inside of Israel, Voices from the Interior offers a window into the intimate spheres of a society underrepresented in historical and cultural narratives.


Featuring videos by Nasrin Abu Baker, Fatima Abu Romi, Raida Adon, Anisa Ashkar, and Manal Mahamid, the show exposes the complex reality and everyday life struggles of female Palestinians, critically interrogating issues of identity, nationalism, and gender. Taken as a whole, the videos reveal a spectrum of otherness and displacement, joining the larger Palestinian conversation on cultural identity.

The exhibition’s title goes beyond questions of nationalism, offering perspectives ‘from the interior’ of Palestinian homes. Provocative representations of the female body, combined with continually recurring imagery of marriage, laundry, and other household chores offer a critical commentary on gender and patriarchy, both within the Palestinian community in Israel as well as the larger Arab world.

Presented by Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA) on Mana Contemporary’s third floor.


Press Release

Raida Adon, The Body Recalled, 2012.
Raida Adon, Beyond the Walls, 2009.
Raida Adon, Beyond the Walls, 2009.
Anisa Ashkar, Save the Date: Afternoon 2011, 2011.
Raida Adon, Beyond the Walls, 2009.
Raida Adon, The Body Recalled, 2012.


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