Nenad Soskic:
All the News That’s Fit to Print


September 14 – December 19, 2014

Created on-site at Mana Contemporary, Soskic’s installation throughout the art
center’s main entrance hallway features undulating ribbons of whitewashed
newsprint, the epitome of assembly line mass culture


Seemingly spilling from an unknown conveyor of authority, illegible messages hang in the breeze — their political and celebrity profiles, images of war and conflict, and banal advertisements are reduced to silence. Close inspection reveals some legible type where the ink has bled through, and a vibrant image of singer Kate Bush is left untouched.

Soskic’s plebian rejection of a globalized media by reducing its content to a compositional element results in amplified censorship. The weight of black and white headlines have been muted, their urgency made timeless. The work makes gestures toward political ideologies and histories, although we are left with more impressions than information. The citizen-reader has become the citizen-spectator, left to search personal memory archives for meaning and commentary.



E. Lee Smith