Mana Film Residency


A new initiative designed to support filmmakers in the creative process

Mana Film Residency is a new program created by Mana Contemporary to give emerging and established filmmakers the opportunity to further their work while contributing to the art center’s interdisciplinary creative community. The residency is the first effort in a new wave of film-based programming planned for Mana Contemporary.

The Mana Film Residency’s inaugural participants are Required Reading, a Los Angeles-based production company behind critically-acclaimed independent films. Founded by Seanne Winslow, Adam Sjoberg, and David Jacobson in 2015, collectively the trio has have worked on 15 feature films, raised over $37 million in independent financing, and shot in more than 60 countries. This past spring, they produced Kanye West and Vanessa Beecroft’s collaboration in a first-of-its-kind, large-scale performance art/album release/fashion show at Madison Square Garden which became the most viewed performance art event in history. Their feature documentary I Am Sun Mu, about a North Korean rebel artist, will be released in July.

During their three-month residency, the filmmakers will be building-out and refining a collaborative writing process, workshopping several projects, and inviting writers and cross-discipline creatives into their workspace—a writing studio and screening lounge on Mana’s first floor. While Required Reading plans to work on as many as four projects during the residency, their primary focus is writing and developing The Falconer.

Based on actual events and set in Yemen, The Falconer tells the story of a tight-knit brother and sister, Tariq and Alia, and their American friend, Cai. Connected by their sense of adventure, their love for each  other, and their passion for the animals they care for at a zoo, their world is turned on its head when Alia is married off as a child bride to an abusive husband. The three friends reluctantly conspire to steal and sell animals from the zoo to buy her a divorce.


Laurel Dailey

The Mana Film Residency is by invitation, however, applicants for future residencies will be considered. Please send a cover letter and work samples to