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Mana BSMT presents:

Alex Czetwertynski: First Light


October 15, 2017–February 1, 2018
Mana BSMT Gallery

Mana BSMT is pleased to present First Light, a solo exhibition of eight new media and light sculptures by New Media Program resident Alex Czetwertynski. The works pay homage to the characters, forces, and energies that come together to create the digital images that surround us. Light, elemental colors, “power,” and the geometry of wavelengths are among the elements without which the possibility of an image would disappear—First Light pays tribute to these hidden agents.

About Alex Czetwertynski
Alex Czetwertynski is a digital artist and curator working in the fields of creative technology and interactive and media arts. His practice includes large-scale immersive experiences, for which he designs and engineers interaction, motion, and physical presence. Born in Belgium, he graduated from the University of Paris IV La Sorbonne with a Masters in Philosophy. Czetwertynski is the curator of Day for Night, a new kind of festival that combines headlining musicians with immersive art installations, transforming live music production by introducing new sensory experiences. He has collaborated with artists such as Doug Aitken, Jessica Mitrani, threeASFOUR, and Orlan. His work has been shown at the Jewish Museum and the FIAF in New York; the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Théâtre de la Cité in Paris; the Confort Moderne in Poitiers; Mana Contemporary in New Jersey; the Museum of Literature in Warsaw; and the Museum Ludwig in Budapest. He is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. To learn more, visit

About Mana BSMT New Media Program
Established by BSMT Director Grace Franck, the Mana BSMT New Media Program (NMP) is a community-based residency dedicated to supporting the next generation of new media artists. Through ongoing support in Mana’s two-million square-foot campus, the program aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, and present exhibitions and programming at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

This show was made possible thanks to the help and support of: Matthew Ward, DAL, Corentin Dombrecht, Nathaniel Wojtalik, Lauren Jisoo Kim, Creative Technology, Freeka Tet, Grace Franck, Aaron Parach, Yeliz Secerli, and Christine Renee.

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Alex Czetwertynski, Primal Screen (Study), 2017