December 6–10, 2017

Downtown Miami
32–54 SE 1st St

Downtown Opening Reception and Party
December 7, 2017

Flatland Programming


Tuesday, December 5

12–6PM, Flatland Press Preview
2PM, Matthias Brown will complete his exhibition piece, Falling Faces 02, with a live-
painting performance in storefront #4: Resurface
4PM, Sam Cannon will continue her exploration of the female form with a performance in storefront #4: Resurface

Wednesday, December 6

12–7PM, Flatland regular exhibition hours

Thursday, December 7

8PM–2AM, Downtown Opening Reception and Party
9PM, Freeka Tet will deliver a real-time, face-tracking audiovisual performance
9:30PM, Otto von Schirach, the king of Miami Bass will present a special performance that draws inspiration from Flatland
10PM, DJ set by Gooddroid (Loveless Records/Catwalk)
12AM, DJ set by Pete Fonda

Friday, December 8

5PM, Matthias Brown will perform Falling Faces 02 in storefront #4: Resurface
6PM, Sam Cannon will present a performance in storefront #4: Resurface

7–8PM, DJ set by James Clar
8–11PM, DJ set by Ralph Falcon (Murk)

Saturday, December 9

7PM, Sam Cannon will present a performance in storefront #4: Resurface
7–11PM, DJ sets by Barbie Bartisch and Paul (Love Injection)

Sunday, December 10

12–7PM, Flatland regular exhibition hours

Flatland’s after-hours music program from Thursday–Saturday is curated by Christine Renee

Performances by

Matthias Brown (aka Traceloops)
BSMT resident Matthias Brown (Traceloops) is an artist specializing in hand-drawn animation. His animations reflect a very tangible experience that explores the interplay between negative and positive space as well as the portrayal of two and three dimensional movement.

Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon is an artist and director based in NYC, and is currently in residence at Mana BSMT. Her personal work focuses on the manipulation of time, space, and the female form. Living somewhere between still photography and video, her images explore the way we interact with never-ending moments in the age of the 15-second clip.

Freeka Tet
BSMT resident Freeka Tet is a multi-faceted digital artist and creative mercenary, inspired by internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behaviour. His performance-based work is a musical & visual experience, focused on finding an audio language generated by the intermediary of sensors, DIY softwares, game engines, face-tracking, & internet browsing/borrowing ( © ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Otto Von Schirach
Bermuda Triangle born Otto Von Schirach is one of a kind human/alien. His magical presence & energy makes you overwhelmingly happy. This Miami Native puts out many different types of epic electronic music and always has new life. His shows are more of a sonic ear cleanse, aura cleanse, and magnify your pineal gland!

Gooddroid (Loveless Records/Catwalk)
Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, and finally returning back home from many years Miami, Adrianna “Gooddroid” Moschides is no stranger to the behemoth that is Bass music. DJ’ing for over 12 years, her name has become synonymous with all things Bass.

Pete Fonda
New York based producer, performer, DJ and sound engineer. Host of Drum Machine Circle and Keep Away From Children.

James Clar
James Clar is an American visual artist who uses technology as a medium to critique the dissociative effects of technology itself. In a another life he used to DJ weekly across NYC, and played sets in Tokyo, Dubai, and Barcelona. He is currently in residence at Mana BSMT.

Ralph Falcon (Murk)
Ralph Falcon is one of the men behind Murk, the legendary record label that introduced Miami to house music in the early 90s.

Love Injection / Barbie Bertisch & Paul Raffaele
Launched in February 2015 and co-edited by Paul Raffaele and Barbie Bertisch, ‘Love Injection’ is a labor-of-love, monthly print fanzine. Love Injection on The Lot Radio serves as the zine's sonic equivalent.

Image: Courtesy of Freeka Tet