The Infinite Hotel Open Rehearsal

December 21, 2018
Mana Theater

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The Infinite Hotel Open Rehearsal

In a new performance by the Old Sound Room and the Windmill Factory, rock music and Rube Goldberg-like cinematography collide in a cathartic and inventive experience titled The Infinite Hotel. Audience members become ‘extras,’ stepping into an elaborate moviemaking machine to help weave a filmic narrative around five strangers who are unknowingly writing music together across space and time. The work questions the nature of human interrelatedness, our appetite for visibility, and the creative ideas we accidentally share.

Prior to the premiere performance at the 2019 Prototype Festival in New York, rehearsals for The Infinite Hotel will be open to viewers at Mana Contemporary, and attendees will be invited to become part of the collaborative process as a test audience.

Photo: Courtesy of The Infinite Hotel