Last Saturdays

March 25, 2017

$10 suggested donation
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Last Saturdays programming.)


Last Saturdays

Last Saturdays

Join us for Last Saturdays, a series of interactive programming, select open exhibitions and artist studios, and special performances presented by Mana Contemporary on Saturday March 25.

Opening The Mind’s Eye: Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop

Arnulf Rainer; 1st floor
Registration Required

Create ekphrastic poetry among Arnulf Rainer’s cross and angel paintings, which were inspired by subjective emotions, and fueled by obsession, the subconscious, primal forces, and mythology. Since Homer, poets have turned to works of art—the artwork functioning as a muse, or as a means by which the poet can critically examine something outside of the artwork, using it as an entry point. Led by poet Ariel Yelen, this workshop will guide you through this experimental form of poetry through readings, generative writing prompts, and conversation. We’ll discuss traditional ekphrasis and explore more contemporary visions—seeing how far we can stretch its definition. Open to all ages and levels of experience.

LADY M 5.1 Screening and Q&A
Mana Theater; 1st floor

Experience the final day of LADY M 5.1, a short film directed by Mariano Baino (Dark Waters, Caruncula), starring actor Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (Mother of Tears, Phantom of the Opera), accompanied by an installation designed by Baino and Cataldi-Tassoni. A Q&A session with the artists, moderated by the show’s curator, Filippo Brunamonti, will follow the final 7PM screening.

LADY M 5.1 is a screen adaptation of Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth—Act 5, Scene 1—in which Lady Macbeth, after inciting her husband into committing regicide, is destined to relive her most tragic moment in a never-ending loop, under the watchful gaze of a new bio-mechanical lifeform. The installation depicts a parallel universe, where the audience can witness, among the shadows and sounds, the alternative dimension in which Lady Macbeth is now destined to dwell.