The Mana BSMT is a collaborative environment that combines artist-driven programming with studios and workspace. It is also home to two residency programs: the Mana Residencies, directed by curators Ysabel Pinyol and Karline Moeller, and the new Mana BSMT Residency.

The Mana BSMT Residency invites artist-curators to assemble a group of artists to work in the open-plan studio space in Mana’s basement. Participants are encouraged to curate their own programming, shaping the collaborative culture of the BSMT. They receive access to shared resources on the Mana campus,
and are introduced to the many artists, gallerists, collectors, and curators who are part of the Mana community.

Current Mana Residencies artists:
Alex KwartlerMaria de Los ÁngelesMartin Roth, and Anne Vieux

Current BSMT Residency artists:
Curated by Apostrophe NYC
Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Kolter Hodgson, Charlie Hudson, The Love Child, Julia Powers, Bruno Smith, Sei Smith, James Reyes, James Rubio

Curated by Amy Khoshbin
Sarah Anderson, Itziar Barrio, Michael Clemow, Kenny Rivero, Amber Hawk Swanson, Yuliya Tsuckerman

Curated by Matthias Brown
Matthias Brown, Sam Cannon, Julian Glander, Thoka Maer, Hayden Zezula

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