Maximilian Pelzmann

Irish born visual artist, educated in Ireland, Austria and the United States. Attended Walnut HIll School for the Arts with an emphasis on Contemporary Sculpture.

After Walnut Hill, at the age of seventeen, he worked as an intern at Polich Tallix Art Foundry assisting in the production of monumental size sculptures for such artists as Jeff Koons, Willem de Kooning, Frank Stella and the actor and sculptor Anthony Quinn. Thereafter, at Pratt Institute, he studied sculpture under Japanese sculptor and woodworking master Toshio Odate.

At The New School for Social Research he studied Sociology and the Economic Results of Modern Theology on Western Society, as well as, Classical North African, Near Eastern and Greek Anthropology under Jacques D Berlinerblau, and Semiotics and Astronomy for good measure and personal interest. He furthered his sculptural skills working in stone carving under the master mason and American Sculptor Bradford Graves.

Maximilian Pelzmann exhibits his artwork internationally. While focusing on the traditional Theories of Art, Maximilian’s work delves into the impermanent and permanent forms that we encounter in our natural and artificial worlds. His public sculptures are exhibited in both Europe and the United States, with millions of the viewing public physically interacting with his artwork in positive and new ways, which he feels breaks down the classical barriers that art should be seen and not touched.