Miguel Mayal

Mayal is experimenting in the realm of virtual art, using HTC Vive and TiltBrush, state of the art technologies, grounding him in new creative territory. Previous works reflected modern trends from the quantum and technological worlds, but now, instead of reflecting on science, he is immersed in it. Miguel Angel Mayal is from Seville, Spain and has exhibited nationally and internationally including Ireland, Spain and the US. He has received honorable mention in various competitions such as the 82nd Annual exhibition at the National Art League, Douglaston, NY 2012, the X Certamen de Pintura Gruas Lozano, Sevilla, 2008, the I Certamen de Pintura La Puebla del Rio, Sevilla 2008, the Fundación Contsa, Sevilla, 2006, and El Niño Curra de Aznalcazar, Sevilla, 2005. Mayal was also the focus of the art documentary “The Contemplation of Noise” by Raul Arteaga in 2014.