Saturdays at Mana

October 8, 2016
1PM – 6PM



Saturdays at Mana


Join us for Saturdays at Mana, featuring Open Studios, select exhibitions on view, and a live performance of The Myth of Layla by BSMT Resident Amy Khoshbin.

1PM–6PM Open Studios
Mana Contemporary artists will open their studios to the public as part of the 26th annual Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, a citywide showcase of the arts in October.

1PM–4PM Phoebe: Subtle Bodies: Astral Sketches
Phoebe will give fifteen-minute, introductory interpretations of guests' astrological natal charts, offering a sketch and brief description of their key personal planets. *Please bring your date, time and place of birth as precisely as possible to have an accurate reading!

4:30–5:30PM The Myth of Layla Live Performance
Mana BSMT Exhibition Gallery
BSMT Resident Amy Khoshbin presents The Myth of Layla, a participatory live performance about political ideology, celebrity-obsessed media, and an Iranian-American activist named Layla.

Exhibitions on view
Ronald Jones: 16 Isarstrasse
An exhibition of 15 photograms produced by the artist in 1991 in East Berlin and published by Edition Julie Sylvester, New York.

MECA presents: Textile—Territory—Text
On our third floor, in the Middle East Center for the Arts (MECA), an exhibition presented by the Umm El-Fahem Art Gallery in Israel. The works on display reveal the multifaceted ways in which textiles can serve as a medium.

Cey Adams: Pulling Through: Reflections of America
Presented by Gary Lichtenstein Editions, a series of American flags from the renowned artist, exemplifying his pioneering techniques of collage and silkscreening.

Base 12 Pop-Up Exhibition
Our newest BSMT residents, Apostrophe NYC's Base 12, will be presenting their sixth pop-up exhibition on Mana’s front lawn, featuring 12 sculptural paintings by Caslon Bevington, Ryan Bock, Morell Cutler, Alana Dee Haynes, Kolter Hodgson, Charlie Hudson, The Love Child, Julia Powers, James Reyes, James Rubio, Bruno Smith and Sei Smith.

Base 12 is a contemporary project that features 12 artists in 12 pop-up exhibitions. Each critically explores the notion of reception, by contextualizing the body of work into the chosen site. Base 12 aims to rethink the orthodox methods of showing art through a series of sanctioned and unsanctioned openings that investigate conventional and unconventional exhibition spaces. The work of the 12 artists are the only constant in the project: the various contexts and methods of showing become tools for the artists’ explorations, as opposed to lenses that distort the work.

Image: "Terror Alert Level" by Amy Khoshbin