Pegasus at Mana

Mana Contemporary is proud to announce its first musicians-in-residence, Pegasus: The Orchestra, led by founder, artistic director, and conductor Karén Hakobyan. Pegasus will launch a program entitled Pegasus at Mana, which encompasses a both a piano as well as an orchestra series, and will eventually expand to include jazz, chamber, and youth series in 2018.

Pegasus at Mana is committed to presenting world-class performances, building a unique platform for collaborations, fostering a creative environment for musicians and providing educational opportunities to local communities. They will present programming that includes an adventurous mix of familiar and novel works, and select rehearsals will be open to the public as a means to offer audiences an exclusive glimpse into the creative process of the artists at work.


Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand Piano provided by Yamaha Artist Services New York.

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