Karole Armitage’s Artist
Collaborations Are Revisited at
New Jersey’s Mana Contemporary


"In 1988 choreographer Karole Armitage invited both the posh uptown art crowd and their cool downtown counterparts to the World, a decrepit theater turned nightclub on New York's Lower East Side, for a performance she called Go Go Ballerina. Dancers (dressed by David Salle) emerged from a giant heart-shaped chocolate box, broke apart an enormous three-tiered cake, and twirled about with Plexiglas bears, hearts, and flowers. The set pieces were in the hand of artist Jeff Koons. The score was Jimi Hendrix and Public Enemy. The steps were a mix of disco and classical ballet."

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Architectural Digest
Written by Hannah Martin
January 14, 2015

A backdrop by David Salle and costumes for The Elizabethan Phrasing of the Late Albert Ayler, 1986. Photo by Joe Schildhorn