Thousands turn out for punk
ballerina show in New Jersey


"There is no other space in the New York area where you could do this,” said Jeffrey Deitch on a frigid Sunday afternoon, when more than 2,000 visitors braved the industrial wasteland of Jersey City, NJ to see the opening of a retrospective he organised of costumes and sets from the “punk ballerina” choreographer Karole Armitage. “Making Art Dance: Backdrops and Costumes from the Armitage Foundation” (until 13 March) showcases the choreographer’s collaborations with artists and film-makers including Alba Clemente, Jeff Koons, James Ivory, Christian Marclay, Brice Marden, David Salle and Philip Taaffe, as well as the designers Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Peter Speliopoulos (the lead designer for Donna Karan). In a special performance for the opening at the Mana Contemporary arts campus, Armitage’s dancers leapt and pivoted among the works on view. Deitch said a lot of set design is “done kind of notationally” but these works are “made by the artists’ own hand”. He added: “They are not just backdrops, they are paintings."

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The Art Newspaper
Written by Laura Van Straaten
January 12, 2015

Armitage’s dancers leapt and pivoted among the sets and costumes on view, Dec. 15, 2014. Photo by Joe Schildhorn /