Jason Jaworski’s “Thinking of You” at Mana Contemporary, Jersey City


"Featuring over 100 prints and numerous sculptural works, Thinking Of You is one of the largest and most intricate exhibitions the artist Jason Jaworski has created. Spreading the work out across two large scale installations and a video piece projected onto glass, the selection emphasizes the layers of meaning in the artist’s work, specifically his career-long mediation and incorporation of time, memory, chance and distance. Moving beyond the pages of the artist books for which he is renowned, Jaworski incorporates seemingly disparate bodies of work into two powerful, deeply connected installations, evoking the lush and the barren while simultaneously exploring and threading themes into a multitude of provocative questions related to a deeply entrenched longing which is common throughout all his work."

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September 24, 2015

Jason Jaworski in bookdummypress at Mana Contemporary.