Cultural Revival Inside
Mana Contemporary's Growing Space


"Mana Contemporary is one of Jersey City’s newest, and most promising, cultural gems. In just five years, Mana has stormed the art world, turning an abandoned tobacco factory into a premier contemporary arts destination. At over a million square feet, its colossal scope alone is wildly impressive. Mana Contemporary has many pieces and installations from leading as well as up-and-coming artists, which is notable for any exhibition space, let alone one as new as it is. But it’s what else Mana has to offer that truly sets it apart – there is a reason it dubs itself as an “arts destination” rather than a gallery or a museum. Mana Contemporary houses over 150 artists’ studios, two dance companies, a foundry, a book publishing company, an art academy, a printmaking studio, a restaurant and much more."

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The Digest Online
May 4, 2016