Bauhaus, Ballet, and Brazilians, Oh My! This Is the Most Interesting Performance You Can See This Weekend


Curators Mafalda Millies and Roya Sachs have set out to ask, if not definitively answer, that question. Taking Schlemmer’s work as inspiration, the duo are directing a Performa Visionaries-hosted performance titled “Virtually There,” which debuts this evening at Mana Contemporary, in Jersey City. Though “Virtually There” is the brainchild of these two vivacious curators, it is more easily understood as a meeting point for nearly 30 collaborators. Celebrated Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana conceived of the costumes; Karole Armitage (the “punk ballerina” whose past commissions range from the Bolshoi Ballet to Broadway) choreographed seven dancers, whose roles have such titles as Honeycomb Woman and Accordion Man; visual artists Kate Gilmore and Heather Rowe designed the sets; Matte Projects, a commercial production firm that has worked with Nike and Chanel is coordinating the staging and lighting, and at the center of the work is a score by the exciting young composer Charles Derenne. 

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Vogue November 19, 2016
Written by Mark Guiducci

Image:Crystal Woman. Photo by Eliza Soros