A Hot Minute with
Video Art Pioneer Bill Viola


"A few decades ago, it was all but decided that the contemporary-video-turned-fine-art trend wouldn’t last. That was, of course, prior to Bill Viola’s revolutionary use of the medium, in which he turned the art world upside down with his artistic expression. Nowadays, it’s impossible to experience Bill Viola’s work without transcending to a whole new level of self-reflection—his art forces us to really think.Whether that means birth, death, consciousness, and the meaning behind life itself, it’s the combined visual and auditory elements that take internalization to the next level.

It should come as no surprise, then, that his Inverted Birth installation shot to the top of our must-see Art Basel roster at lightning speed as soon as we heard it was coming to Miami. In honor of its opening tonight at Mana Wynwood, here’s an intimate preview via an interview with the artist himself."

Read full article November 29, 2016
Written by Emma Banks

Images courtesy of Kira Perov