About Last Night:
Bill Viola's Genius Reigns Over Mana Wynwood


"In the wake of ultra high expectations and a reputation that preceded the artist himself, Bill Viola took his Inverted Birth installation to new heights last night at the Mana Wynwood. And those expectations? He did not simply meet them; he exceeded them. In true Viola form, not one detail was left untouched; the result—a completely captivating sensory experience. 

Here’s how it went down: the Wynwood auditorium is entirely cloaked in purple light, with rows of clear seats facing the stage. The PhilarMIA Orchestra takes the stage across from a man (dancer Jesus Pastor) dressed in a multicolored suit. Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.5 begins (conducted by Pablo Mieglo) while the man does an interpretative dance routine, then the colors fade: from bright, to dark, to red. The auditorium goes black and the video of Viola’s Inverted Birth plays. End of show."

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Milk November 29, 2016
Written by Emma Banks

Image by Cole Giordano