ProjectArt Pop-up: Kids Space

Sunday, April 30, 2017
1PM – 6PM
1st Floor; Main Hallway

Sign up during Open House!

Parents and guardians will be asked to sign a release form with emergency contact information.


ProjectArt Pop-up: Kids Space


ProjectArt is pleased to present an afternoon of kid-friendly, creative activities during Mana’s Spring 2017 Open House. Young artists are invited to contribute to a community mural and attend one of the hour-long workshops!

Collaborative Mural
All Ages
1PM – 6PM; Drop in anytime

Ever wanted to draw all over the walls? Now is your chance! Young artists will create a collaborative mural on the wall using mixed media. Participants will experiment with various techniques and materials: abstraction, free expression, writing, etc. Workshop facilitators/teachers will offer instruction and prompts to those who would like it. Every half hour, facilitators will offer a new prompt to students (example: “draw your favorite animal”). Halfway into each prompt, facilitators will encourage collaboration among artists by asking them to switch places, or move around in the room, and add to others’ creations. Artists have the option to draw directly on the wall or cut swaths of paper and work on the floor in groups.

Wire Sculpture Workshop
Ages 6+; Sign up at the entrance to the Kids Space
Session 1: 1:30PM – 2:30PM
Session 2: 2:30PM – 3:30PM

Participants will advance their three-dimensional art skills and experiment with structure and form. Piecing together wire, young artists will create sculptural shapes and hanging mobiles. We will work with various materials, including colorful tissue paper, string, and beads.

Weaving Workshop
Ages 6+; Sign up at the entrance to Kids Space
Session 1: 4PM – 5PM
Session 2: 5PM – 6PM

Participants will learn the meditative art of weaving and explore various weaving techniques. Young artists will learn how to embellish their works with pom poms, braids, and beads, experiment with pattern and color, and create beautiful woven works that can be hung, worn, or used as rugs.

About ProjectArt
Today, over four-million elementary school students in the U.S. do not receive any arts instruction. ProjectArt is solving this epidemic.

ProjectArt is building the largest free arts school for youth in the U.S., without owning a single building. ProjectArt currently offers free, after-school visual arts classes to youth in the nation’s public libraries, all taught by emerging contemporary artists. Programs are offered in New York City, Detroit, and Miami, with more launching in LA, Chicago, and Pittsburgh in 2017. ProjectArt’s innovative model allows for artists to hold studio spaces in public libraries, who, in return, teach free art classes to youth in communities that lack funding for arts education.

Read ProjectArt’s story, get involved, and donate at