Ronit Oanano

Born in 1965, and raised in Northern Israel, Ronit Oanono became an artist on the same day that she learned to hold a pencil. For high school, Oanono’s parents enrolled her into the Witzo School of the Art in Haifa, Israel.

Oanono moved to the United States in 1987 and quickly enrolled at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study visual communications and photography. In 2000, Oanono joined the Clay Studio of Philadelphia where she served as an associate artist for almost ten years.

In 2014, opened her first solo studio at Kibbutz Megiddo in Northern Israel (the site of the Biblical Battles of Armageddon). During this time, Oanono spent her time between the U.S and Israel, showing in two solo exhibitions and one group exhibition.

Oanono’s most recent works are figurative expressions mostly made using pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, oil on canvas, and clay.