Mana Film Series
Part One

Maslow: A Theory of
Human Motivation

Safety Needs: White God
(Feher Istén)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Free Admission

Mana Theater, 1st Floor
Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Safety Needs: White God (Feher Istén)



2014 | 121 min

Once a person’s basic, physiological needs are fulfilled, others invariably rise. According to Maslow, safety relates to all physical, economic, social, vocational, and psychological aspects of an individual’s life and when threatened, is likely to lead to feelings of insecurity and lack of protection. White God tells the story of thirteen year-old Lili and her dog Hagen as they begin a dangerous journey back towards each other after she is forced to give him up when he is deemed ‘unfit’ by The State. Lili, believing that love can conquer any difficulty, fights to protect her dog and save him from the streets, animal control centers, and other entities and sources of danger for Hagen, alongside a much larger group of unwanted, unloved, and ‘unfit’ dogs.

Safety Needs: White God (Feher Istén) is part of Mana Film Series.

Part One of the series presents five films, each corresponding with one of the needs as established by psychologist Abraham Maslow.