Last Saturdays

February 25, 2017
2PM – 10PM

Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Avenue

RSVP required for GENERATION SHIP performances at 6PM and 8PM

2PM – 3:30PM*
Opening The Mind’s Eye: An Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop

4PM – 5PM
Oliver Herring in conversation with Johannah Hutchinson

GENERATION SHIP, a performative tour conceived by Caitlin Baucom

GENERATION SHIP, a performative tour conceived by Caitlin Baucom


Last Saturdays


Join us for Mana’s inaugural Last Saturdays event! This month’s program includes the premiere of GENERATION SHIP, a site specific performative tour of Mana conceived by Caitlin Baucom and performed by a community of Brooklyn based artists; an artist talk with Oliver Herring in conversation with International Sculpture Center's Executive Director Johannah Hutchinson; and Opening The Mind's Eye, an ekphrastic poetry workshop in the exhibition John Chamberlain: Photographs.

Last Saturdays is a monthly series of interactive programming, select open exhibitions, and special performances presented by Mana Contemporary on the last Saturday of the month.

2PM – 3:30PM
Opening The Mind’s Eye: Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop with Ariel Yelen
John Chamberlain: Photographs (2nd floor Gallery)

Pile onto John Chamberlain’s couch and create ekphrastic poetry in response to Chamberlain’s intuitive, colorful, and humorous photographic series that Chamberlain once described as “self portraits of the nervous system”. Since Homer, poets have turned towards ekphrasis to approach works of art—the artwork functioning as a muse, or as a means by which the poet can critically examine something outside of the artwork, using it as an entry point. Led by poet and former Bowery Poetry Education Director Ariel Yelen, this workshop will guide you through this experimental form of prose through readings, creative activities, and conversation. We’ll discuss traditional ekphrasis and explore more contemporary visions of it too—seeing how far we can stretch its definition.

Open to all ages and levels of experience.

4PM – 5PM
Oliver Herring in Conversation with Johannah Hutchinson

Mana Theater

Join Artist Oliver Herring in conversation with Johannah Hutchinson, Executive Director of International Sculpture Center. Oliver Herring is a German-born contemporary artist who uses experimental techniques with the intention of better understanding human nature, individual behavior, and interpersonal dynamics. Herring works in a wide range of media including sculpture, knitting, photography, paintings, and video. He received his BFA from the University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford, England in 1988, and his MFA from Hunter College, New York in 1991.  

Join us again on Saturday, April 22, for Task Party, an interactive social sculpture led by Herring.

6PM & 8PM

Performances begin in the Lobby at 6PM & 8PM, RSVP required

Inspired by Mana’s distinct industrial landscape, GENERATION SHIP constructs a vision of sanctuary within a near dystopian future. Artists from a performative community in Bushwick, Brooklyn colonize the vast architecture with site-specific works, distilling what resources they have–themselves–into new ways to survive, create, communicate, nourish, and destroy. The audience is invited to tour this future, with its developed tools and sited memorials. The artists were chosen for their holistic use of physicality and sound, attention to politics embedded in our bodies, and ability to source healing out of bleakness and fear. As creators, they move in and out of each other’s work, developing common performative and emotional languages. GENERATION SHIP envisions this lived collaboration as a future closed culture with its attendant folk beliefs, ethics, and shared psychological realities on display.

Directed by Caitlin Baucom with
Sited original performances by Alexandra Drewchin, Kathleen Dycaico, Sarah Kinlaw, Hayley Martell, and Tara-Jo Tashna
Videos by Jerome AB, Sigrid Lauren, and Colleen Marie
Score by Caitlin Baucom and Nathanael Gettings
Installations by Ben Gazsi and Colleen Marie
Clothing by Merritt Meacham
Bodywork by Christiana Cefalu
Tour performed by Jerome AB, Caitlin Baucom, Gina Chiapetta, Sharleen Chidiac, Patrick Estabrook, Gabriella Garcia, and Quenton Stuckey
Produced by Charlotte Gettings
A trevorshaus production

On View: John Chamberlain: Photographs

Image: GIF courtesy Laura June Kirsch