Spring 2017 Open House Performances

April 30, 2017
2:30PM – 5:30PM


Raha Raissnia, Nadir 2,
30 minutes
2:30PM, Mana Theater

Matthias Brown, Falling Faces,
13:40 minutes
3:30PM, Mana BSMT

Dan Tepfer, Acoustic Informatics,
60 minutes
4:30PM, Mana Theater


Spring 2017
Open House Performances


The performances below highlight the artists’ process and production—whether through choreography or improvisation. Each artist uses multi-media, sound, and an element of physical interaction with technology, to expose the process behind the complete performance.

Raha Raissnia, Nadir 2, 30 minutes
2:30PM, Mana Theater

Raissnia creates complex works that combine painting, film, and drawing, exploring these complicated intersections. Nadir 2 is a performance featuring two projectors, super-16mm film, 35mm slides, and hand-painted double screens, accompanied by Panagiotis Mavridis and his homemade instruments. For this exhibition, Raissnia manipulates 35mm slides and 16mm film, which have been hand-painted prior to the performance to depict segments of the artist’s canvas paintings. The basic structural elements—light, camera, film, and screen—were manipulated in the process of making the work, and will be further manipulated in the live presentation. The work was made through minimal means in a visceral fashion, in order to evoke a visual poem about a man dwelling in an urban environment. Raissnia’s work is also on view in In Between, an exhibition of contemporary Iranian art in Mana’s fifth floor gallery.

Raha Raissnia (b. 1968, Tehran, Iran) combines multiple mediums in her artwork such as painting, film, and drawing. Much of her work is focused on exploring the intersection of these different mediums, and how each informs the other in terms of their materiality and their respective processes of making. Raissnia lives and works in Brooklyn and is represented by Miguel Abreu Gallery in New York.

Panagiotis Mavridis (b. 1980, Athens, Greece) works with sculpture, drawing, and sound. In recent years, he has been involved in designing and making musical instruments that combine electronic and acoustic principles.

Matthias Brown, Falling Faces, 13:40 minutes
3:30PM, Mana BSMT Exhibition Space

Falling Faces explores physicality and process, and positive and negative space, using algorithmic projections, shadow, and live painting on a free-standing screen. The piece seeks to highlight what is often seen as the shortcomings of production, illuminating elements of the process and using them as integral parts of the final work.

Matthias Brown (Traceloops) (b. 1990) specializes in hand-drawn, black-and-white traditional animation. He studied Graphic Design at SCAD, Atlanta, and currently resides in Jersey City. He has collaborated with a variety of brands, including Converse, NBC, the Tate Modern, Ghostly International, Hyundai, MTV, AXE, Perrier, A&E, Warby Parker, CNN, and others. His work has been published by ABC News, Colossal, AdWeek, The Creators Project, Billboard, Milk, and more.

Dan Tepfer, Acoustic Informatics, 60 minutes
4:30PM, Mana Theater

Tepfer uses the Yamaha Disklavier CFX piano to bring together his world-class pianism with his background in physics and programming. As he improvises, the piano responds in real time with notes of its own, the keys of the keyboard depressing themselves as if by magic, guided by algorithms that Tepfer has programmed into his computer. In addition, Tepfer will augment the algorithmic music with real-time video visualizations of triad line-art and audience interaction. Although the only audible sound is that of the acoustic concert-grand piano, “It's like playing a fundamentally new instrument.”

Dan Tepfer (b. 1982, Paris, France) has performed with some of the leading lights in jazz, including extensively with veteran saxophone luminary Lee Konitz. As a leader, Tepfer has crafted a discography ranging from probing solo improvisation and intimate duets to richly layered trio albums of original compositions. As a composer, Tepfer is a recipient of the Charles Ives Fellowship from the American Academy of Arts and Letters for works including Concerto for Piano and Winds, which premiered in the Prague Castle, and Solo Blues for Violin and Piano, which premiered at Carnegie Hall. Bringing together his undergraduate studies in astrophysics with his passion for music, he is currently working on integrating computer-driven algorithms into his improvisational approach. Tepfer is currently based in New York City.

Images: Raha Raissnia, Nadir 2, 2016. Courtesy Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York; Matthias Brown, Falling Faces, 2016. Courtesy of the artist; Dan Tepfer, Canon in Ten Voices, 2017.