BSMT Nights featuring No Escape Hole and Maya Varadaraj: The Woman and The Machine

Friday, February 22, 2019

Mana Contemporary
888 Newark Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07306


BSMT Nights featuring No Escape Hole and Maya Varadaraj: The Woman and The Machine

David Temchulla.png

Please join us for an evening of open studios and performances from artists at Mana.

We will be celebrating the launch of No Escape Hole, a new online experience presented by the New Media Program artists-in-residence. An extensive presentation of the work will be on view, but feel free to bring your own laptop or tablet and headphones to explore the exhibition on your own. There will also be a public reception for the opening of Maya Varadaraj: The Woman and The Machine.

Enjoy performances by Jersey City New Media Resident, Tiri Kananuruk, Michael Simpson, and Yeseul Song, Chicago New Media Resident, Morgan Green, and Jersey City Poet Laureate, Rashad Wright.

Music, food, and drinks, plus a live DJ set, will accompany the evening's festivities.


No Escape Hole
is a browser-based exhibition of works countering the idea that digital technologies offer an escape from the physical realm, suggesting instead that IRL and URL are contiguous.

The exhibition exists on the Mana Contemporary website, and features videos, interactive works, images, and essays by Mana New Media Program residents CHiKA, Hayeon Hwang, Tiri Kananuruk, Sebastian Morales, Michael Simpson, Yeseul Song, and David Temchulla, along with artists Cat Bluemke, Jenna Boyles, Minsun Cho, Morgan Green, and Joo Young Lee from their sister residency in Chicago.

Maya Varadaraj is an interdisciplinary artist and designer whose family moved from the United States to Southern India shortly after she was born. Varadaraj’s work exposes the disparities of race, class, and gender in India by critiquing the traditions that enforce them. Her aesthetic vocabulary makes reference to imagery connected with Indian material culture including advertisements, popular calendar illustrations, and painted photographs.

The Woman and The Machine is an exhibition of Varadaraj’s collages and painted photographs. Varadaraj both honors and disrupts traditional Indian techniques of image making, dislodging figures from domesticity and liberating their characters from prescribed decorum. In doing so she sheds light on the increased violence towards women in India, and on the complexity of womanhood universally.

Photo: David Temchulla, ERODE (Chairone), 2018. Photo: Courtesy of the artist