Blond Jenny

Blond Jenny is a painter, photographer, and performance artist based in New York City. Her work is a mix of storytelling through her alter-ego cartoon character Blond Jenny, self-portraits, found objects from nature, 360 photos and video, and lenticular. The artist’s work manifests her life experiences, social evolution, and culture.

Blond Jenny has shown in the Photography department for Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Clio Art Fair, Spectrum Miami Art Show, and Nabi Museum of the Arts. Her work has also been selected by the following shows: Hipster & Otaku Photography (CICA Museum), Trending: Contemporary Art Now (Target Gallery for the Women’s Caucus for Art), Duality of Feminine and Feminist (Gallery 66), NCWCA-sponsored F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way (Arc Gallery), Vision: An Artist’s Perspective (Kaleid Gallery for the Gutfreund Cornett Art and

Blond Jenny’s relationship to nature is intimate, even erotic, in her self-portrait with purple freesias. Floral images have long been a stand in for sexuality, but in Blond Jenny’s decoupaged panels are more explicit. – Marilla Palmer