Nobuyoshi Araki


May 4 – August 31, 2013

Arguably Japan’s greatest living photographer—and certainly its most controversial — Nobuyoshi Araki’s work is charged with intense sexuality. Known best for his intimate, images of women in bondage (also known as Kinbaku, the Japanese art of erotic rope-tying), Araki is an artist who reacts strongly to his emotions and uses photography to express them more fully.


The self-titled exhibition in Mana Contemporary’s first floor gallery features more than 100 of Araki’s works selected from a distinguished private collection. With more than 450 photography books to his name, Araki’s inexhaustible creative energy is fueled by compulsion — he leaves no waking moment unobserved. Araki uses a range of cameras, such as a small, point-and-shoot or a larger-format, tripod-mounted camera, to explore intimate personal moments as well as various themes that exist within his city of Tokyo. Such themes include the connections between love, sex, industry, nature, chaos, and emptiness.


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Kendall Tichner