First Light
Closing Reception

Friday, March 23


Viewing and happy hour

Panel talk and Q&A

Drum Machine Circle (95 min. installation performance)

DJ set  

BSMT open studios

First Light Closing Reception


Panel Talk
In celebration of the close of First Light, a solo exhibition by New Media Program resident Alex Czetwertynski, a panel talk will take place with Czetwertynski, Matthew Schreiber, and James Clar where they will discuss light as medium, material, and matter. The panel will be moderated by Irina V. Makarova and Alison Sirico, co-founders of the platform Alt Esc.

The conversation pays homage the the exhibition’s focus on the characters, forces, and energies that come before the digital images that surround us. Featuring seven new media and light works, including sculpture and installation, First Light invites us to explore the elemental forces that power our screens and devices.

Drum Machine Circle
Organized by Pete McHugh (aka Peter Fonda), Drum Machine Circle is a ninety-five minute round robin style performance between five dance music producers exploring the definition and potential of a drum machine. Members have a "conversation" using their drum machines to speak within scheduled and combined time slots, displaying the working process and aesthetic of dance music producers and performers. A progressive communal performance, Drum Machine Circle highlights the autonomy of the artist and the potential for shared responsibility to provide something more rewarding and complex than the individual can provide.

DJ Set by Christine Renee
Stay and dance into the evening to the sounds of Christine Renee, an artist, DJ, and frequent performer.

Alex Czetwertynski
Alex Czetwertynski is a digital artist and curator working in the fields of creative technology and interactive and media arts. Born in Belgium, he graduated from the University of Paris IV La Sorbonne with a masters in philosophy. He has collaborated with artists such as Doug Aitken, Jessica Mitrani, threeASFOUR, and Orlan. His work has been shown at the Jewish Museum and the FIAF in New York; the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Théâtre de la Cité in Paris; the Confort Moderne in Poitiers; Mana Contemporary in New Jersey; the Museum of Literature in Warsaw; and the Museum Ludwig in Budapest. He is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. To learn more, visit

James Clar
studied film and animation at New York University and received his masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Clar’s work uses controlled light and sculptural light systems to analyze the effects of technology on our perception of reality, time, and space. As technology has permeated through our daily lives these systems have altered the way we receive information and relay our thoughts. Technology allows for new forms of communication; however, every system enhances certain types of information while limiting and simplifying others. These modulated effects and alterations to our perception have become the thematic focus to his works.

Peter Fonda
Pete McHugh (aka Peter Fonda) is a New York based producer, performer, DJ, and sound engineer. He is the host of Drum Machine Circle and Keep Away From Children. Selected discography includes Witches Booty (Parka 2017) and Lives Through Magic Compilation (2017).


Matthew Schreiber
Matthew Schreiber is a visual artist working in the field of light, architectural space, and holography. His use of contemporary technology engages a conversation with ideas of the esoteric, superstition, and the occult. His practice pits the active image of the past against todayʼs screen-based image culture of slick and banal immediacy.

Schreiberʼs work has been the subject of solo exhibitions including Light, Color, and Geometry, at the Frost Museum of Science (Miami, Florida); Crossbow at the Johnson Museum of Art (Cornell University); Side Show at Johannes Vogt Gallery (NYC); Guilloche at Fireplace Project (East Hampton, NY); Swiss Hall, the permanent installation at Herzog & de Meuron Residence (Basel, Switzerland); Platonic Solids at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art; and Ontario, a site-specific installation curated by Ambra Medda (Miami Design District, FL). Schreiber’s studio and laboratory is in Brooklyn, NY.

Alt Esc
Alt Esc is a Brooklyn-based curatorial team and digital platform started by Alison Sirico and Irina V. Makarova in May 2016. Sparked by the realization that disparity exists between the institutionalized art world and the new wave of rising artists, Alt Esc was founded to vocalize the leading ideas and trends in young contemporary studio practice. They are interested in individuals and collectives who are players in the art world’s subcultural framework and those who are community oriented. Equal parts publication and event production team, they seek to communicate dialogues that manifest into praxis. Through publication and curating exhibitions, they strive to connect rising artists with new opportunities, while honoring and sharing their current achievements with a broader audience. Using the studio visit as a model for a narrative, they hope to communicate, foster and archive today’s young cultural landscape.