Flatland: A journey of many dimensions

Curated by BSMT Director Grace Franck

Downtown Miami
32–54 SE 1st St
December 6–10, 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Public Exhibition Hours 
Wednesday, December 6–
Sunday, December 10

After Hours*
Friday, December 8–
Saturday, December 9
*Curated by Christine Renee

Opening Reception & Party
Thursday, December 7

Featuring special performances by Freeka Tet, 
Otto Von Schirach and DJ sets by Peter Fonda & Gooddroid (Loveless Records/Catwalk)

James Clar
Alex Czetwertynski
Lisa Park
Bradley Bowers
Matthias Brown (Traceloops)
Sam Cannon
Pablo Gnecco
Hayden Zezula (Zolloc)
Sarah Rothberg
Andrew Thomas Huang
Billie Pate
Jakob Kudsk Steensen
Freeka Tet
Dave & Gabe
Thoka Maer
Harald Haraldsson
Cody Ranaldo

The BSMT New Media Program (NMP) presents Flatland, a group exhibition of eighteen artists exploring new technologies. Spanning five storefronts of Downtown Miami, which have been transformed into five conceptual levels—Dissociation, Liminality, Other Worlds, Resurface, and Flatland—the exhibition leads one on a cognitive journey of many dimensions. Using machine vision, biometric sensors, anamorphic 3D projection mapping, VR, AR, and more, the works in the show invite one to dissociate momentarily from ordinary waking consciousness, and explore the worlds of seventeen artists who imagine new perspectives of “reality.” Fear not, for the journey ends back where one started, in a world we shall call Flatland.

Inspired by Flatland (1886), the novella by Edwin Abbott about a two-dimensional square whose mind is opened to a new, three-dimensional plane, Flatland the exhibition draws parallels with our own short-sided notion of reality, and allows one to virtually experience alternate dimensions.

Flatland Journey

Storefront 1: Dissociation
Detachment from reality; deviation from ordinary waking consciousness. Featuring a four-channel sound installation by Cody Ranaldo, plus interactive works by NMP residents Bradley Bowers and Freeka Tet, which draw on dissociation of the senses to alter state of consciousness and identity.

Storefront 2: Liminality
In-between state; transitional period of ambiguity or disorientation. An immersive environment, featuring installations by Lisa Park and James Clar that blur boundaries between virtual/real and physical/metaphysical, as well as dynamic light works by Pablo Gnecco and Alex Czetwertynski.

Storefront 3: Other Worlds
A virtual exploration of other dimensions, the multiverse; all is possible and imaginable. Featuring journeys in augmented reality (AR) by Harald Haraldsson; a three-channel video installation of a “purgatorial avatar cyber-realm” by Andrew Thomas Huang; psychological landscapes in virtual reality (VR) by Sarah Rothberg and Jakob Kudsk Steensen; and a room-scale world of anamorphic projections by
Billie Pate.

Storefront 4: Resurface
Return from the virtual world to the physical plane. Presenting a new version of Surface—the NMP’s debut exhibition at Mana Contemporary, New Jersey, which features the first foray into physical works by primarily internet ­based artists: Sam Cannon, Hayden Zezula (Zolloc), Thoka Maer, and Matthias Brown (Traceloops).

Resurface is generously supported by Giphy Arts.

Storefront 5: Flatland
Back to one’s perceived reality as it’s commonly known; a simulated experience. Designed by the producers of 9to5.tv, an experimental month-long digital art exhibition and live-streaming platform that marked the inauguration of Georgia State University’s media lab, August 2017.

The back hallway interconnects the five levels of Flatland, enhancing the journey with a sound and light installation by Dave & Gabe.

Stay a little longer in “Flatland” storefront with light food & drinks from our next door Pop-up Café/Bar * (52 SE 1st Street)

*Provided by Crave Events Group


Miami New Times

Installation views of Flatland. Images by Cody Ranaldo

Grace Franck, Curator
Aaron Parach, Head of Installation
Immanuel Yang, Designer