GOLDEN Artist Colors
Lecture and Demo

Saturday, January 19, 2019

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GOLDEN Artist Colors Lecture and Demo

with Roy Kinzer, in cooperation with Jerry’s Artist Outlet


Explore the vast creative potential of GOLDEN gels, mediums, and pastes for painting, printmaking, collage, and more in this special lecture and demonstration by artist Roy Kinzer. Learn how to extend your paint and create a range of textures and effects. Compare the slow-drying OPEN Acrylic Colors with Heavy Body Acrylic Colors, and Fluid Acrylics Colors with the ink-like High Flow Acrylics. Find out how to control drying time, and hear about other oil techniques such as wet-into-wet and glazing. Finally, check out QoR Modern Watercolors, the first major improvement to watercolors in 150 years.

All participants will receive a free packet of GOLDEN samples in cooperation with Jerry’s Artist Outlet.

Photo: Roy Kinzer in his studio