Ivy is a working artist who uses traditional materials in non-traditional ways. These days, her primary source of inspiration is the relationship people have with their childhood stuffed animals. She is studying the intense bond between humans and their inanimate loved ones. Ivy is working on projects that include large-scale installations, as well as others that are of a smaller scale. Her recent art is characterized as a bold composition, using donated objects; she is captivated by raw human emotion and how simple objects evoke a myriad of reactions. Ivy earned her degree in Design and Marketing from Parsons School of Design in New York. For two-plus decades, she has expressed her creativity through many entrepreneurial and design-oriented outlets. In her early twenties, Ivy created, designed, owned, and operated the acclaimed DT*UT café lounge on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. After the successful sale of DT*UT, she has enjoyed working with select private clients and customers providing exclusive interior design services, designing and manufacturing custom furniture, and creating and installing her commissioned works of art. Ivy comes from a family of artists. Her mother is a fashion designer and her father an avid sculptor. Ivy was born and raised in a small rural town of New Jersey. She currently lives in New York. For more information, visit ivynaté.com.