Jean-Antoine Norbert

Jean-Antoine Norbert is a painter and sculptor with a medical background. He completed medical studies in Lausanne, Switzerland and went through medical internship in hospitals for several years. But the work of a medical doctor wasn’t what he expected. He rediscovered art and painting. His work has two directions. In the first, he talks about joy and life energy forces: the joy one feels in the body while dancing, for example. The second direction is a “cathartic work,” in which he explores the issues he has come across in his life. He received an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and graduated from the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. He was a finalist for the Queen Elizabeth II portrait competition, and his portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is on display at the British Consulate in New York. He is also the recipient of the David Schafer Portrait Scholarship. His work is in private collections in New York and Switzerland. His work can be found at