Mana Urban Arts Project


Established in 2014, Mana Urban Arts Project is a contemporary art project devoted to large-scale, site-specific installations by renowned street artists from around the world.

To date, Mana Urban Arts Project has invited Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), ROA (Belgium), Faith47 (South Africa), Space Invader (France), How and Nosm (New York), Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles), Nychos (Austria), and COST (New York) to create signature works for the ever-evolving project.

In September 2015, Fairey created his largest ever horizontal work. Natural Springs measures 147-feet-wide by 47-feet-tall along the length of the Ice House and is visible to the millions of drivers traveling between Manhattan and Jersey City. In October 2015, How and Nosm (New York/Germany) created a 50-foot-tall mural at Mana Contemporary’s flagship building titled At The Center of It All.

During Miami Art Week 2015, Mana Urban Arts Project collaborated with the Bushwick Collective to bring live graffiti painting by 50 influential artists to Mana Wynwood’s RC Cola Factory, including Ghost (New York), GIZ (New York), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Case Maclaim (Germany), and Shok-1 (England). Hosted by Basel House, the industrial space adjacent to Interstate 95 was transformed into a vibrant scene featuring a skateboarding exhibition, breakdancing, DJ performances, and live music.

The goal of Mana Urban Arts Project is to support and pay tribute to this under-appreciated international community of artists. This spring, the project will extend to Chicago. The initiative is directed by Stanley Sudol, previously of Guerilla Galleries (GuGa), in Newark. His background is in Byzantine and Gothic art history, with a focus on frescoes and religious symbolism.

We are proud to partner with Jonathan LeVine Gallery and the Bushwick Collective and JUXTAPOZ  magazine on site-specific projects, wall exchanges, and special events. Mana Urban Arts is a subsidiary of Mana Contemporary, one of the nation’s largest art organizations with locations in Jersey City, Chicago, and Miami.

(1) NYCHOS, 2016
(2) How and Nosm, 2015
(3) RIME, 2015
(4) Shepard Fairey, 2015
(5) Kofie, 2015